Sunday, July 26, 2020

Social Distancing For The Birds

Whether you are  3 or 5, it seems that social distancing is also for the birds :)

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Donald Trump's Last Days

When you consider the recent demeanour of President Donald Trump, especially as it relates to his downplaying of the current COVID-19 health crisis as well as his refusal to be forthright about his relationship with Russian Pres. Putin, you can’t help but wonder if he is trying to sabotage his own re-election. Trump must realize that the actual number of his diehard loyalists are not enough to secure another win and yet he seems to be unwilling to reach out to the undecided. Maybe he is anxious to return to his real estate business as he has surpassed his best-before date.

When Trump leaves office, hopefully this November, historians are not likely to portray him anything other than an overall failure. Perhaps the usual presidential library and museum that is made available for all presidents could include a “Twitter” and “Fact Checking” section. 

The next U.S. president will have a lot of fence mending to do, not only at home but around the world. 

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

COVID-19 & Masks

What exactly is driving the hype around COVID-19? Is it the lack of a vaccine? Is it based on the speed of how it has spread? Or, is it simply based on the unknowns?


As we now embark on the mandatory mask-wearing phase in trying to rid ourselves of COVID-19, this decision risks escalating a level of concern people may have on the control of other future flu-related viruses. 


Canada’s Public Health Agency has reported that on average about 12,200 people a year are admitted to hospital for flu-related issues with about 3,500, or 29%, succumbing to the flu. The latest reported number of COVID-19 cases in Canada is 105,935 with 8,693, or 8%, deaths. As 82% of these deaths have occurred in long-term care homes, the remaining deaths represent about 1% of those affected. 


While I am not suggesting we avoid precautions that may help in controlling the spread of COVID-19, it does raise the question of why mandatory mask-wearing was never an issue for the statistically higher death rate during our annual flu seasons or does the availability of a vaccine preclude the need for a mask?